We believe in live architecture.
An architecture that stimulates all senses:
touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight of course.
An architecture that is not just contemplative, but
one that allows the participation of its inhabitants
allowing them to interact with the space
and transform it according to their needs.

Cristina Mejia
Architect. Interior Designer

I am an architect from Colombia, living and working in Prague since 2011. I have a specialization in interior design and studies in landscaping. I have over 15 years experience in architecture and interior design. I love plants, cooking and photography. 

Jiri Beran
Architect Engineer

I am a Czech engineer with over 10 years experience in architectural engineering and I am also a professional fencer. I enjoy combining my two passions, architecture + fencing. I love nature, snowboarding and surfing, and playing drums. 

We are husband and wife team working together. Although our skills and approaches towards architecture and design are different, we each bring an important perspective to the projects. Cristina use a more creative way with designing and Jirka's vision is more systematic. This complementary relationship make us a great team.  

     The kitchen design interior magazine K!tchn Mag did an interview with Cristina about interior design, especially about kitchen design.   You can check out the complete interview here to find out more about her and what we do. 
Thank you to the entire team of K!tchn Mag!