A DESIGN is an architecture and interior design company based in Prague. We can help you with designing your new home, planning the reconstruction of an existing space or just decorating a room, whether it is a house, office or any other type of project.


Home is where we feel comfortable. The style is not the most important aspect, what really matters is to have a space where we can inhabit according to our lifestyle and where we are happy.


The physical identity of a company is very important. The architecture plays an important role in communicating the corporate identity and values to the employees and clients. 



Hotels are no longer just about a place to stay. Today’s hotel designs focus on providing guests with a unique experience. The guests expect surprises but above all else guest wants comfort.


The walls become the furniture in this hotel room


Not splitting the space and allowing it to flow was the main aim in the design of this room. The furniture - solved on the walls of the room - allows for different ways to live in (to sleep, to sit, to work, to relax, to lay down).



Working with glamour in a virtual business


A formal office is not needed in today's virtual business. You can work from home or even better you can make your working space looks like your home. This is what we did in this project, a space that makes you feel like you don't have to work.



A men's club as a working space


Less use of computer, more talk. A space to share with friends, to enjoy a drink, just to relax while reading a book or watching a video. A space to reduce stress, not create it. A space to be inspired. Big ideas come from inspiration. 


A cozy space for relaxing after playing energetic sport


With a low budget, using second hand products and basic Ikea furniture, we create a warm space in a private gym for relaxing, taking a rest and chatting a little after finishing exercising.  



A modern and functional office in the historical center of Prague


A smart translucent partition to help organize the space of this room into individual working areas keeping a calm and relaxed atmosphere to work in and meet with clients.  



A reduced space in an attic converted into a flexible office


Seeking the flexibility of the space, we decided to use the hexagon table as the main element of the design of this room for a programming team that is constantly changing size [bigger or smaller]. 



Warm design to make this apartment feel like a home


Combining new pieces of furniture with old pieces that show life we create a really warm atmosphere which turns this apartment into a very special place.